This is your 1-month anniversary!! Congratulations. You've come far in 4 weeks time. And you had played only 2 weeks prior to our lessons. I'm blown away by your progress as a brand new golfer!

Your swing looks great in this vid. Everything going terrific in the takeaway, the upswing, the downswing.

There is a small flaw in the forward swing...freeze frame on the 7th dot from the right side below the video.

Notice that your left arm is moving away from your it should be tucked in next to your left side while your elbow is grazing your left side.

Sometimes this can slow your speed through the impact zone, although your speed is quite good already.

It just a matter of keeping your elbows together. You did it perfectly on the other side of the swing, so you can do it perfectly on this side of your swing.

I know you're busy with work, but if you have an hour here or an hour there, practice will help you get this swing grooved. This is the one you want to take to the golf course.