JUNIOR 1.29.21

The lesson focused on the reverse pivot, or reverse C.

This is caused by taking the club too far behind the shoulders, instead of above the shoulders.

This is noted in several of the videos during stop motion.

A setup photo was taken to demonstrate where the club should be near the top of the swing, however it looks a little awkward because it’s not an actual swing as you will recall. I helped you place your club in that position to give you a visual where to finish at the top.

One drill you could try is to stand with your back against a wall, inside or outside is fine, then get in your address position leaning forward from the waist. Swing the club up over your shoulders without hitting the wall. Start with slow swings to be sure your not hitting the wall, then increase the speed until you can swing a near full speed without touching the wall.

With your dad, we have agreed to meet for lessons twice a week at 2:30pm on Tuesdays and Fridays. See you Tuesday.

Coach Glen


Very nice. Correct setup position for the driver.


This is the photo where I placed your elbows in the over the shoulder position. In reality, you will take the club higher than this position, but still up over your shoulders instead of behind them.