JUNIOR 1.6.21

I hope you enjoyed your lesson today and that the suggestions I made are ones you understand and agree with.

The storm ended our lesson at 4:22, so I owe you another ½ hour. Plus, your dad overpaid me. I charge $40 for competitive high school golf. So, next lesson is already paid for.

In review, these are the things I pointed out that will improve you hitting and consistency.

  1. Develop a pre-shot routine and perform it every time you plan to hit a golf ball.
  2. Wider stance…at least shoulder wide with weight distributed equally for now.
  3. Body weight should be about 70% on the heels and 30% on the front of your foot.
  4. Stronger grip in your lead hand…logo 30 degrees off your target line.
  5. Firm, yet soft grip. Fully flush your hands together, but pressure should be about 2 in a scale of 1 to 10. Tightness promotes muscle contraction in the hands the swing will be slower.
  6. Take the club back on your target line rather than immediately inside. This helps to prevent an over-the-top downswing which results in hooks and slices depending on the club face at impact. It also promotes a flat to bowed wrist at the top of your swing. This is important because the flexed wrist can cause inconsistent hitting and scooping of the ball.
  7. Stabilize your lower body. There is far too much movement. This is very damaging to your swing arc. The rocking motion is old school…from many decades ago. The modern golf swing is more stable and more powerful.
  8. Learn to pivot from the shoulders down to your feet in the backswing…no swaying or rocking. And, learn to pivot from your feet up through your shoulders to start the downswing.
  9. During the backswing, learn to let your arms, club and hips to pivot from our shoulders while resisting with your pelvis. This will build up torque in your muscles through your back, buttocks and thighs, twisting like a giant rubber band. Then when you begin your downswing you will be releasing a great amount of energy to help promote a faster and stronger at impact with the ball. This is what make the drives fly high and long.10.
  10. I suggest you work on these items one at a time until you are comfortable with them, then move down to the next item. For the stance at address, you can put all of it together at the same time…the first 5 items on this list.

I hope you are successful with these techniques. Remember golf is not a game of perfect, but good practice helps promote good muscle memory and this gets you where you want to go.

Let me know if you would like to continue lessons. I’m here if you need me to help.

BTW, the young man I’m coaching that played for Summerwood last year has already been contacted by three college coaches. He was playing for almost two years, but he had to have a complete and total rebuild of his swing. His name is Chris and many of his lessons are posted here on this website.


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