We agreed to meet once a week for lessons Wednesday at 11am. This is your 1-hour time slot.

Great to meet you today! Foundationally, you have a solid swing that could use a number of tweaks to make it a great swing.

Your videos confirm what we talked about today. Most of the shots that go right are hit off the toe of your club. The ones that go straight but skip across the ground on topped.

Your address looks good with the ball properly centered, or just ahead of center by a half a ball width. Your distance from the ball looks proper, as well. Your club face appears to be centered on the ball at address. Yet, you top the ball and hit off the toe of your clubs. I assume this is the cause of your most recent problems hitting the ball.

There are a number of suggestions that we worked on today.

1. Reaching across your chest to start the backswing, instead of turning your shoulders in a one-piece takeaway with your left shoulder dropping down under your chin.

2. The position of your hands at the top of the backswing...right hand palm up to the sky and fingers pointing in the opposite direction of your target line.

3. The position of your right arm at the top of the backswing...which needed to be extended more away from your body.

4. The push forward to start the downswing where your upper body moves forward with your pelvis so that are no longer centered over the ball...and instead we want your hip to pivot rather than push forward, which will keep your centered over the ball.

5. The bending left arm at impact and just after...here you need to keep both arms fully extended through to the finish.

6. Putting is fairly solid but there was a tendency to speed up the putt as it moved toward impact with the ball. We agreed that you would work on a pendulum stroke that maintains the same speed but varies the distance of the stroke back and forward so that both sides are equal. This will help you hit your distances much more accurately. And, as mentioned, always finish past the cup if you miss.

The videos are in regular time, slow-motion time and stop time, or freeze frames. The 6th video is the clearest example of what happens when you hit the ball off the toe of your club. You can clearly see the club face open and then it snaps back square right afterwards.

The key thing to work on is discovering why you are hitting of the toe of your clubs and topping the ball when this has not been your experience until Covid came to town.

Text me if you have any questions or thoughts.

Coach Glen