LAUREL 10.15.20


We're getting there. Your swing is much more powerful and repeatable. There are still some small issues that are holding you back but we are close.

Because of this I just spent three hours preparing this analysis for you. This is to be your golf bible for the next month or so.

Everything you need to know, focus on, and practice in your swing is all here.

I know your swing better than anybody and we are making great're having a big breakthrough and I want you to continue on this track...don't allow anyone to bump you off what we are working on. You are very close to shooting in the high 70s...stay with it.

Today, we reviewed your grip, stance, takeaway, backswing, top of your swing, the downswing, the swing path in the impact zone, and chasing the ball after impact. We covered a lot.

You hit some stunningly great shots…the best so far that I’ve witnessed. You get better and stronger each time.

Your swing has become powerful. Exactly why I customized your swing about a month ago…to get you here… and beyond here.

Don’t let anyone try to correct anything in your swing…not Coach Carr and not your dad…no one should try to undo what we are achieving. Okay? Got that? Right! Just say, No, but thank you!

I looked at your head movement dipping down in your backswing and this is something that you’ve consistently done even though I’ve made attempts to help you keep it still during the swing. Sometimes is dramatic, and sometimes not so dramatic.

I also recall saying we can live with it as long as it doesn’t cause you consistency problems. It would be best if you could keep your head on the same plane, but many great pro golfers have this same issue and they’re pretty good golfers. The very last video shows a dramatic dip in your head, but less so in the other ones.

We made quite a few adjustments today and I want to enumerate them again here, even though you repeated them back to me at the end of our lesson.

  1. Grip: Too Strong

Your right hand grip was too strong…completely under your club shaft. We moved it a little back up more to the back of the shaft rather than underneath it.

  1. Shoulder: Right Shoulder was down and out

This is one of the reasons you've been hitting left, repeatedly. Your shoulders must be aligned equally when you look down at them. The right shoulder should be down. Not out. Fortunately, you are not a down and out person, so remember that your shoulder shouldn’t be down and out either. Just an analogy to help remember. Down, but not out.

  1. Shoulder Pivot: Need more pivot during takeaway

We are still working on getting your shoulder to pivot more so that you have a full ¾ pivot by the time your club shaft is waist high.

  1. Club taken back inside too soon

Your takeaway must be taken straight back with full extension of your arms along the target path, rather than taking the club back behind yourself. When you go inside too soon in the backswing the club ends up way, way behind you and this is not a good position from which to start the downswing.

  1. Right elbow was flying away from your body

The right elbow should be moving with your left elbow…not away from it. Keeping your elbows closer together will set your right elbow pointing to the ground at the top of your swing. This is critical for getting the  downswing on the correct inside path back to the ball.

  1. Bringing the club shaft back inside too soon at impact

At impact, you club shaft must chase the ball to the target with full extension of your arms. Bringing your club inside too soon is another reason you were hitting left.

  1. Sweeping your iron shots is incorrect

As I demonstrated, you must hit down on the ball to compress it against the mat, or ground. The mental picture I gave is to imagine driving a large spike into the back of the ball with a sledgehammer.

  1. Hitting down with driver

You only did this a few times right after hitting your iron shots. I reminded you of the flattened swing path where the driver bottoms near the center of your swing and then lifts to sweep your ball off the tee.


The gif below is interesting because it reveals several subtleties.

First, it’s obvious that your head moves forward and down during the takeaway. This appears to be the result of your shoulders not pivoting enough so instead your left shoulder dips under your chin to reach across your chest. This appears to drop your left shoulder down and this pulls your head down with it.

Second, and a lot more subtle is the movement in your right foot. Take a close look. It appears that your weight shifts toward your toes during your backswing. There is a slight lifting of your heel. Keep the weight even between your heel and toes and be sure your heel stays on the ground because we want the weight of your right hip over that heal…and not over or on your toes.


I would like for you to eliminate some of the movement back and forth. Keeping your weight centered in your feet should help and trying not to dip your head on the backswing.

Powerful stance and takeaway. Strong throughout…but some flaws in there too. See next slide for Freeze Frames

The first FF stops when your club shaft is waist high. Mostly looks good.

The second FF is more of a problem. Can you see the issues? Your right elbow looks like it is pointing down, but it’s actually too far behind you and is flaring away from your body. This causes your club shaft to cross over your target line and this means you are out of position to start your downswing. I am extremely pleased however, that you are controlling the top of your swing so that you are no longer overswinging. This position and others in these videos show that you’ve really improved on this.

The third FF shows that you corrected your right elbow during the initial part of your downswing and it is pointing down to the ground and can be correctly seen under your left arm at this point.

The first FF shows that you’ve taken the driver back on your target line…perfectly!...This is as it should be every time.

The second FF is at the top of your swing. Here you can see that  your right elbow is pointing toward the ground and your hand is accommodating your left-hand grip reducing the cupping in that wrist…again, as it should be.

However, what is incorrect with this position is that your have your hands and arms too far behind your body and this pushes you club shaft so that it crosses over your target line. If you took the club up a little more vertical and less around your body this flaw would be corrected.

The third FF shows really nice lag in the clubhead. Your hands are already near the ball and your clubhead is way behind…at least the length of the club shaft. That’s really great and powerful.

The fourth and final FF shows excellent arm extension chasing the ball toward you target. Great job on this.

Overall, this is an outstanding swing with just a few minor corrections needed for more consistency.

Nice, nice, nice extension throughout your swing. This can be very consistent for you. I really like the way you maintain your swing arc with that great arm extension and that you create nice lag in your downswing. Excellent.

This is interesting. This is your slowed down version of your backswing so that you can get yourself into the correct position at the top. You’ll notice that you are adjusting your elbow so that it points more to the ground before starting your backswing.

This video is shortened to focus on the downswing only. During the downswing you begin to straighten up your spine too early. It looks like you’re trying to get your body out of the way of your arms coming down. Also, notice that in the FF immediately after impact that your clubface is closed…this ball is going left after it starts out fairly straight. Remember, it’s just two things that controls the direction of the ball. The swing path and the angle of the clubface…called angle of attack. This is where you didn’t chase the ball to your target, but also remember that this was at the beginning of your lesson before we started working on chasing the ball to your target.

Again, early in your lesson before we fixed some things.

Taking the club inside too soon.

In the first FF you can see that you’ve taken your club back behind you too soon. You didn’t take the clubhead straight back on your target line.

The second FF is at the top of your swing. The club shaft is pointing over your target line rather than parallel to it…the result of taking your club back behind you too soon and too far.

The third FF is at impact and this shows you clubface square at this point, which is too soon. It will shut close at impact.

The fourth FF is immediately after impact shows that your club head is pushing the ball to the left of your target line.

This was your first video of the lesson. Got a couple of issues here.

You can see your head drop dramatically during your backswing. I’m sure this must be what Coach Carr observed. You stop in a great position at the top…no over swing. And you look maxed out on extension and power. You created some lag on the downswing, but you had much more lag later in the lesson. It appears that you hit the ball square and with correct follow through. Let's work on keeping your head at the same distance from the ball throughout your swing.