LAUREL 2.10.21

Good to see you today even though you weren’t really here. I understand. Been there many times.

Eventually though, I’ve learned to be in Present Time. It’s not easy and takes a lot of training to compartmentalize stuff in your mind so that you can be 100% Present in the Moment.

To review the List of Things to Remember here they are:

At set up:

Wide stance means—

  1. Take the club back with your shoulders
  2. Along the target path in front of you
  3. Prevent over rotation of your left forearm
  4. Flat to bowed wrist at top of swing

Exercise your left wrist with a 5# dumbbell

Videos and gifs below just because I took them.

Relax and hit the books, kiddo!

See you soon…


A GIF...Everything fine here

Your hands could be more ahead of the club at impact

Club square to the target but ball darts to the right because impact is on the club's toe, and this opens the clubface.

Nice smooth execution but would like to see your left wrist straighter at the top and at impact.

Cupped left wrist at impact and clubface getting a little ahead of your hands…hands need to lead through impact.