Hey Laurel,

It was great to watch hit and putt Wednesday.

You’ve come such a long way since we started, especially with our recent improvements.

Yet you are still somewhat inconsistent, and the reason is because sometimes you strike the ball solidly driving it forward toward your target, and sometimes you scoop the ball, and it flies high right. The key is to eliminate the scooping which is caused by casting the club. Think of it as underhanded throwing of a baseball. We just need to get you to throw overhanded every time, instead of underhanded.

I’ve posted a couple of videos for you to review.

Take a close look at the last video clip. When you hit high right, this is the reason.

This called casting or scooping the ball.

When you’re hitting down on the ball [remember the spike analogy in the back of the ball] your hands will be well past the ball before the clubface contacts the ball.

Hitting down with your irons drives the ball forward, hard, and takes a divot in front of the ball.

Casting, or scooping the ball, lifts the ball higher than you want it to and significantly shortens its distance.

There are other things that I want to work with you on that should increase your swing speed, improve your swing path, and cause you to hit the ball further and more consistently.

I’ll review these with you next time.