Today's focus was a new drill for Laurel to help her hit straighter drives and fewer pushes.

The drill starts with slowly swinging the driver in both directions and increasing the speed to as fast as Laurel can control the club.

There are three significant benefits to this single drill.

  1. change the club path to straight down the target line at and beyond impact. This replaces the current push path that is to the right of her target line.
  2. increase swing speed which translates to faster ball speed and this means greater distance.
  3. learn to hit left handed. The benefit is to hit a left handed club when needed to escape certain situations in which hitting right handed doesn't work well. A left handed 7-iron could be carried in her bag for this purpose.

This swing speed drill should be practiced daily, if practical, for about 15-20 minutes and when outside includes hitting a teed ball in between the speed drills.

The speed drill starts slow with 1/2 to 3/4 swings and as the speed increases they become full swings in both directions. The full swing should mirror itself in both directions so that she is whipping the club down through the impact zone with ambidexterity.

After reaching her highest possible speed, she stops for 5 seconds, then drives a teed up ball. This drill should continue at least until her club head path becomes married to the down the line path to her target.

I would like to her double the amount of swings shown in the video below. These swings were about the max she could do today, but with practice she can easily double them before stopping.