LAUREL - 2-hour lesson - 6.5.20

We started with putting today and found that your ball address left improperly aligned to your target…the pins. Finding the line for the breaks was fairly accurate and your distance control on the lag putting was excellent, especially when you stroked the ball with the with the shoulder rocking motion with equal takeaway and forward distance in the stroke…eliminating the hit.

We also worked on your shoulder and hip pivot for the backswing. The goal is to get a full back-to-the-target shoulders-together pivot around your spine assisted by a one-quarter hip pivot. This torques your muscles, stores your power and gets your club in the slot at the top. We talked about how you can work on this move at home with or without a club.

In addition, we used the Tap-The-Mat drill for your practice swings before hitting the ball. That seems to work pretty well getting your club closer to the proper strike area with less topping the ball.

We wrapped up the lesson with putting from 15 feet off the green up a fairly steep incline. The practice included your 7 and 6 irons and your hybrid for the main pin in the middle of the green. This technique should be practiced at every opportunity to replace chipping with a wedge in most cases.

Overall, putting from well off the green will probably help lower your score more than other part of our lesson today.

Next week we will meet at Tour 18 for your lessons between 9-11am, Tuesday and Thursday.

Great to see you again.

Coach Glen