Hi Laurel,

Great to see you again after two weeks.

Jumping right into your lesson and video analysis, your swing continues to look great except for a couple of things we should change.

  1. Your swing is too long in the backswing. We need to stop it before your club shaft reaches horizontal at the top of your swing. Right now, you are going past horizontal. By shortening your swing, it will be more compact, and you will move into your downswing on the correct inside to outside, or inside to straight pattern. You currently, have to go a little outside, over-the-top, to get to your ball. This leaves the face of your golf club open at impact.
  2. Your right elbow needs to point to the ground during your backswing. This makes your left wrist less cupped at the top and then it’s easier to bring the club down with a straighter or bowed wrist through the impact zone. Currently, your right elbow is pointing away from your body and some call this a flying elbow, or chicken wing position.
  3. We want to discontinue the rotation of the left forearm because it’s too difficult to reverse the forearm rotation on the downswing so that the clubface is square at impact. This means taking the club back with only your shoulders keeping the clubface square throughout the swing, including the impact zone.

When we finished the lesson today, you were hitting straighter and longer mostly from squaring the clubface.

The only reason that a lot of your shots have been weak is because of the open clubface. As you know, this has been an unusually persistent challenge, but by keeping the clubface square from the takeaway to the top of your swing and back down through the impact zone you will hit the ball straighter and longer…all the things you want in a great golf shot.

The videos are self-explanatory with freeze frames, or just regular and slow motion. Let me know if you have any questions.