LAUREL - LESSON, 8-11.20

Hi Laurel,
Great lesson today. We made progress.

I didn’t want to mention this during practice, but you didn’t hit the ball to the right…we’re done with that. Congratulations!

You were hitting pulls and pull hooks. If you remember, I told you earlier this year if you start hitting pulls and pull hooks that we can fix those a lot easier than fixing pushes to the right.
We did that today by simply adjusting your grip from a strong grip to a neutral one. The neutral grip worked, and you were hitting the ball closer to your target line. This was a very good level to reach today.

The neutral grip will also be a great foundation for working the ball because it’s much easier to adjust your grip for draws and fades, and hooks and slices, on demand, than trying to create them with other motions.

Your takeaway-shoulder-pivot was much improved today, as well. However, initially you were overswinging and the videos of your iron shots show this. I didn’t take videos of your half swings when you were hitting balls in a row, one after the other. When you switched to your full swing you did a great job of stopping well short of parallel and there was no more overswinging. We need to stay away from the overswing because it leaks power and promotes mishits.

All other parts of your swing looked good in terms of your motion-parts in the backswing. The only thing to work on is getting your right forearm vertical with your elbow pointing to the ground rather than flared away from your body.

Regarding your downswing, you have a great transition at the top with a proper hip pivot to start the downswing. The only problem is that you’re releasing the club too soon by uncocking your wrist early, somewhere around waist high. We worked on keeping your wrist cocked through the impact zone in order to create lag in your clubhead to accelerate through the ball with maximum speed.

This is something that will get easier every time you practice.

Great job with your driver today. You were not overswinging, well, maybe a tiny fraction, but much better. Also, your impact with the ball was very solid and your swing speed looked much faster than with your irons.

Next time we’ll measure swing speed with your driver.

Your chipping with your 8-iron and your 56-degree wedge was really good today.

And, you know what to do about practicing with your putter…stroke the ball and take the hit out of it.

That’s it. Let me know what you and your parents decide about your schedule. I’ll adjust to it.
Coach Glen

The photo of the Swing Caddie records your stats with your 7-iron. This was your best numbers.
The carry distance was 117 yards, your swing speed [clubhead speed] was 63mph, and your ball speed was 85mph.

This produced a Smash Factor of 1.35, which is excellent. this demonstrates that you are making excellent contact with the ball in order to transfer the energy from your clubhead to the ball.

We'll measure your stats periodically to determine how much addition swing speed you add in the future.

From our fist reading, you picked up about 10mph, and then another 3mph, for a total increase of 13mph just in the short time we measured it.