LAUREL — Lesson 8.4.20

You were feeling weak and light-headed today.

Hi Laurel, Good to see you again, but sorry you were feeling weak and lightheaded. You were a real trooper to go ahead with our lesson. We continued to work on the hitting to the right issue and the fact that you still aren’t getting enough distance from your clubs.

I photographed you in the hands forward position that I want you to practice to help eliminate hitting with a scooping/flipping swing in the impact zone. It's the first photo below. So, please practice dragging the clubhead well behind your hands while applying pressure to the clubhead.

We worked on the following flaws:

  1. Improve your shoulder pivot to replace reaching across your chest in the takeaway
  2. Reduce the overswing at the top…you still do have that as shown in the videos
  3. Reduce hitting with an open clubface…we set your clubface closed at address and that helped

We didn’t work on this flaw:

  1. Right elbow moves away from your upper body instead of pointing to the ground

We talked about your school golf program and you informed me that Coach Carr plans to start practice soon and that he already has schedule for the Fall Semester.

Hope you feel better soon.

Coach Glen