LAUREL Lesson 9.15.20

Hi Laurel,

As always, great to see you Tuesday.

Please try to get more sleep…at your age you should be getting up to 8 hours every night and you are nowhere near that…you or in a constant sleep deficit and this could impact everything in your life, including golf! —My primary area of concern.

You know what to practice so please just practice the drills we work on during your lessons. Try not to try new things while practicing what I’m teaching you as it may set you back for developing that holy grail of golf—muscle memory!

We continue to work on alignment [super important to get it near perfect before you swing the club…use your alignment rod], erect posture, wider stance, straighter angle between the lead arm and the club shaft, creating needed lag in the downswing, and pivoting in the proper sequences. That’s quite enough to work on so keep your practice focused on these areas.

If you can commit all these to muscle memory you will be hitting longer and more consistently.

GIF: are hitting over and over, tirelessly. LOL. As we talked about, try to breakup your daily practice in shorter segments if it exceeds 30 minutes.

VIDEOS: The first two videos are the same, but one in regular motion and the other in slow motion with two freeze frames. The FF shows your overswing and the second FF shows your hands slightly ahead of the clubhead at impact, which is an improvement...keep trying to create more lag and take less of a swing.

See you next Tuesday, unless you want to me to come out for a playing session this weekend.

Coach Glen