LAUREL 9.2.20

Hi Laurel,

Great to see you again. I’m glad that you are feeling in control of your very busy and full schedule. Congrats on all that you do. I could see you were totally stress free and ready to play golf.

We worked on new address and swing techniques to increase clubhead speed at impact and improved Smash Factor by hitting down more on the back of the ball.  At address, you are now standing more erect with a slight tilt forward at the hips and a much wider stance, and we set your left arm more in line with your club’s shaft so there is considerably less angle between your arm and the shaft.

In addition, we focused on creating lag in your downswing to avoid releasing the clubhead too soon. You did a great job in beginning to create this lag and several of the videos will have freeze frames. In the later videos you really impressed me at how well you adapted this along with all the other adjustments. Keep working on creating even more lag by holding off releasing your wrist cock in the downswing as long as possible. Find a way to include this your motion in your morning workout, as well.

Remember the visual I gave you to pound a huge nail or spike down into the back of the ball in order to compress it against the ground with a forward divot ahead of the ball line.

Practice this with any of the drills we tried…the alignment rod stuck in the ground at a 30-degree angle or turning the club head with the toe edge facing the ball instead of the club-face.

Use the alignment rods, or Dr. Scholl’s foot powder spray to draw the ball line and practice taking a shallow divot, or at least brushing the grass on the forward side of the line.

Nail the ball into the ground…Compress the ball into the ground…Make a divot past the ball.

The training ball I brought you will help you to correct your flying elbow. Practice with the ball between your arms and don’t drop it. It will probably take a couple of swing before you stop dropping the ball. This is an excellent drill to correct your flying elbow flaw.

The flying elbow causes your club-shaft to cross your target line at the top of your backswing…it should be parallel to the target line and this will auto correct when you eliminate the flying elbow.

After you’ve played some practice rounds with the Bridgestone 65 compression balls let me know if they feel good to you…for your driving, mid-irons and pitching wedge…and even your putting. I think they will be a good fit for you. I have more of them for you if they work well.


Gif 1 showing your wider stance, preset shaft angle into the teed-up ball, greater shoulder rotation, less forearm rotation, less over-swing. You have excellent weight shift to the rear leg during the backswing and greater hip shift forward in the downswing.


Gif 2 shows a good shoulder takeaway without over rotation of your forearms and the shaft reaches parallel without an overswing. The flying elbow is very clear in this gif.

Video 1 This video is of your new wider stance with your driver. This setup and swing are much more power-driven.

Video 2 This video is a slow-motion version of the above video and it has freeze frames. The first two freeze frames show that you have created significant lag in the downswing with your club-shaft angled up instead of released and horizontal with your arms…great job here. Your hands stay well ahead of the clubhead through the downswing and your arms have great extension through the ball…very impressive!

Video 3 This is a side view of your swing in regular speed. You have a more erect posture at setup and a wider stance. This is one of those powerful drives that you hit.

Video 4 This is a slow-motion version of the above video with several freeze frames. The first one demonstrates excellent takeaway, straight back to waist high. The second FF is at the top of your backswing demonstrating you flying elbow which causes your club’s shaft to cross your target line. When you correct your elbow, the position of your club’s shaft will automatically align parallel to your target line. The other freeze frame is just before impact and it shows that your hands are well ahead of your club head! Great adaptation to the lesson today.

Video 5 This video was actually shot before the others when we first started with the more erect posture and wider stance and the preset club-shaft angle.

Video 6 This is a slow-motion version of the above video with several freeze frames. Great takeaway with shoulders, minimal forearm rotation, no lifting with your hands…etc, etc. great, great, great! The first freeze frame is a the top…no overswing! Second FF shows you’ve maintained your wrist cock and the club’s shaft is angled upward, the third FF is before impact showing your hands well ahead of your clubhead and the final FF is immediately after ball impact showing great arm extension through the ball. Athletic and powerful!

Video 7 This is just a 45-degree angle view of your new swing setup. I started the video a smidge late, but good view of your downswing.

Video 8 This is the slow-motion version of the above swing with several freeze frames. You can really see the lag a lot better at this angle. Very impressed that you picked this up so quickly.

Video 9 In this video we were focused on hitting down on the back of the ball as if hammering a big nail or spike into it. You will notice that at this point your address setup is not as erect [you're more bent at the waist] and your stance is your former, less wide width.

Video 10 This is the slow-motion version of the above video with several FF. In this version we can you are beginning to create some lag in your clubhead during the downswing, but later on you develop a lot more lag. You hit down into the back of the ball and brushed the grass in front of the ball line. Great start.

Video 11 This is also an earlier video from a different angle. Again, you are beginning to create some lag.

Video 12 This is also an earlier video from a different angle. Again, you are beginning to create some lag as can be seen in the FFs and you hit down on the ball driving it into the ground.