Laurel and dad Christopher after her first lesson

First bunker lesson...amazing for first time in the sand...five slider images in 5 second intervals


First lesson in pitch and run to the pin...far exceeding my expectations!

Hey Laurel. For some quirky reason one of your vids keeps replicating itself into your other vids. This is strange as this has never happened before...or since. Not sure why, but may have to rebuild your tab on my site. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Laurel Backswing Analysis copy

Laurel, I added the ghost golfer so you can learn from him. The key here is in the club position. Your arms are essentially in the same position as the ghost golfer, however check the location of this club. The difference in the wrist cock at the top of the swing. He is cocked and ready to begin unwinding through the downswing and his wrists won't completely release until he is through the ball. This creates tremendous speed through the ball. The other thing to note is your upper torso position compared to your ghost golfer. His torso is directly above the ball because he turned around his sternum/spine angle rather than reaching, aka swaying. Stay in the barrel and develop your wrist cock. One more tiny thing: You can see your ghost golfer's elbow under his left arm...this is important, too. You will note that your's is above your left arm...practice bringing your elbow down, which will help you speed through the downswing. Lastly, notice that your ghost golfer appears to be sitting a little more than you...this is good technique because it helps keep you from reaching with your hips on the back swing. We'll work more on this next time but work on these essential elements until then. Great session today! Great attitude and adaptability. So proud you've come so far in such a short time.

A little bit of over-swing at head pointing down behind you. End the swing about should high, or a little higher.

NICE! Good tempo. That's a great mid-iron shot for pitch and run to the pin. At finish your club is dropping towards your hips...try to keep it up around your shoulders and neckline.

LOL!! When you move a foot away from the ball that's what happens...stay in the out for that lower body and legs sway.

Practice this and be sure to maintain the "V" inside your arms and let it turn with your torso around your sternum/spine angle. Speed and distance will come later on. Good job today!

As noted earlier...How far you hit behind the ball closely matches how far your torso shifted away from the ball in your backswing. Turn around the sternum/spine shifting or swaying off the ball...Laurel, you got this info now...just practice turning anytime and anywhere you don't need to be on the range...your backyard is fine...or your room but without the holes in the ceiling, please! See you next week! Have fun and hit 'em long and straight!

Coach Glen