Hi Logan,

Good to see you and glad you were feeling better.

During this lesson we checked your setup, alignment and your swing mechanics. We also worked on your chipping.

Your basic set up is fine and your alignment seems correct.

You are staying centered over the ball throughout your swing, which is great.

We spent time talking about your shoulder pivot and how it needs to be the lead in starting your takeaway. We also talked about initiating your downswing with your lower body and we practiced getting that sequence correct. You’re doing well at this point.

When the club shaft reaches waist high in your backswing, your shoulder pivot should be a full three-quarters pivoted. The last quarter turn comes from releasing a small amount of resistance in your pelvis and your left leg in order to reach the top of your swing.

We limited your backswing by stopping much earlier…short of parallel. Limiting your backswing will not rob you of distance and if anything, you will gain distance because you will make better ball contact.

We also worked on getting your left leg to twist instead of dip or bend in toward your right leg during the backswing…currently it is a little too active. We need a more stable foundation for your upper body and to strike the ball more in the center of the clubface.

As you will see by the videos, you’re doing a fairly good job on most of these adjustments.

Still need more work to stabilize your lower body, but you know what to practice: let the shoulders pull and stretch the pelvis and left leg so that you can store all that torqued up energy for your downswing.

For this point in your lessons, you are making good ball contact and we can continue to improve that with more practice.

Looking forward to seeing you again next week for another lesson.

Try to get in some good practice time.

Coach Glen