LAUREL – 1.16.20

Today, we practiced on the range for about an hour, then played two holes [#2 and #8] and hit driver off those holes, plus #9.

On hole #8, Laurel hit her best drive “ever” straight down the middle and long after practicing on the range for the first time for about 15 minutes. She will conquer this club very soon.

Laurel’s core range lesson focused on her shoulder turn beginning with the takeaway. She previously stopped turning her shoulders at ¾ through her backswing, then raised her upper body to finish to the top. She adapted very quickly to the better shoulder turn and omitting the raising up in this swing adjustment.

In addition, we worked on initiating her downswing with her leading hip shift before reaching the top of her backswing…moving in two directions at the same time. She is adapting very quickly to this swing adjustment, as well.

We also worked on squaring the clubface at impact. This continues to be a vexing situation for both of us. As a result, many of Laurel’s hits with irons and driver often head far right of her target line.

Recommendation: To help square the clubface Laurel has agreed to daily practice with a household broom because it’s so much easier for her to see the turning of the broom bristles in the takeaway, squaring through impact and turning over in her forward swing.

In addition, I’ve loaned Laurel my weighted training driver to help “feel” the club head square through the impact zone. Laurel agreed not to make any full swings or swing to fast with this training club in order to avoid the possibility of muscle injury due the club’s weight.

Laurel is now very, very close to being able to break 100 in the next few weeks based on conquering these few adjustments to her swing. Looking a 90s scorecard very soon.

Next session, we need to work on Laurel’s chipping, sand shots and other near the green chip shots. Laurel’s putting ability continues to be one of her strongest skills for now.

Congratulations, Laurel…you are going to be a very skilled golfer very soon!

Coach Glen