LAUREL 1.21.20

Today, in a 5-hole playoff, Laurel qualified for the Varsity Team tournament to be played in Pearland. Yea! This is the first time.

Laurel told me that she, with her mother’s help, practiced letting her forearms rotate naturally through her swing, back and through. We can see Laurel is allowing this rotation in the videos taken today. This is a very big step in improving her swing and probably the reason she was able to qualify today.

Laurel hit the driver much better today during the qualifier and at the range.

Afterwards, we practiced at the range for over an hour after the qualifier.

I took 10 videos of her swing but posted only two of them because these better represent her current swing.

While her swing has vastly improved there are elements of it that we can improve with more practice.

We also practiced several chipping techniques to improve her skill at getting her ball nearer to the pin on the green. Laurel agreed to practice these techniques at home and at the range between now and Monday. It will be rainy most of the day tomorrow [Wednesday] so she will practice with her training club indoors.

Regarding the video swing analysis, there are several areas that can be improved.

  1. She dips then raises up during the backswing. The dipping and lifting are about the same distance, approximately 2-4 inches in each direction.
  2. Laurel’s transition needs to start with her lower body. In the front on video in slow motion, we can see that Laurel starts the downswing by sliding her upper body forward 2 to 4 inches and then her hips follow. This is reverse of where the downswing needs to start.
  3. Laurel’s lead knee [left] does not tilt toward her back leg. This restricts her hip movement and in fact her hip movement is not perceptible during the takeaway and backswing in the videos.


I will need to help Laurel with all of these, because she doesn’t realize these elements are still in her swing.

  1. Dipping and raising contributes to hitting the ball fat or topping it and this element is the primary reason for her inconsistent ball striking. We will work on this with new drills during our next range lesson.
  2. Laurel knows what she needs to do to practice the correct transition but decided not to work on it because she was preparing for the qualifier and was concerned it might harm her chances at qualifying. We will work on this as well during our next range lesson. My audible “Go” helps her to lead with her hips rather than her upper body. We’ll practice this and I’ll have a few more drills, too.
  3. I’m wondering if there is too much tension in Laurel’s lower body that is causing her lead knee to not dip slightly toward her back leg, or if it’s that she is concerned about too much hip turn. We’ll talk about this next time.

Also, I want to begin to introduce an advanced move into her downswing that will generate more speed through the impact zone. I want to create more lag with the club by having her release the wrist hinge much later in her swing…just prior to impact at about 10-degrees behind the ball in her swing arc. We will work on holding off unhinging past the horizontal position which is where her wrist is currently fully unhinged.