LAUREL - 1.24.20

Chipping and 5-Iron Swings

Laurel continues to amaze me with her quick adaptability to swing tweaks and chipping motions.


These videos of her swing with a 5-Iron demonstrates how quickly she went from a fairly rigid lower body during the backswing to a more fluid pivoting of her hips and lead knee.

Additionally, this is the first lesson with more knee bend and leading the downswing with her lead knee. It's almost there in these vids. Another week, or so of practice and she will have conquered this very difficult to learn move.

Now that she is letting her lower body rotate and pivot we want to work on starting the lead knee much earlier in her ascending backswing...before the club reaches the top of her swing arc.

We can also note that in several of these vids the top of her swing is moving beyond parallel. I can help her shorten her backswing with the new drill for her flying elbow.

Swing Improvement Areas:

  1. Flying elbow: I have a new drill for Laurel to help set her elbow vertically
  2. Bringing the top of her swing down somewhat
  3. Unhinging the club too early in the downswing


Good news here, too. Laurel told me she was having a lot of trouble with her chipping. We fixed that almost instantly with the special chipping method we've worked on before. She picked right up and began chipping much better and consistently online and near the target. Coach Carr stopped by to observe and he complimented her on her chipping accuracy.