LAUREL - 1.19.20

We had a 9-Hole playing lesson today and mostly observe and offer only a moderate amount of advice.

The takeaway from today's lesson:

  1. Squaring the club face at impact is still a struggle.
  2. Putting was not up to par today.
  3. Set up and ball position did not follow our protocol

I loaned Laurel another training club that is supposed to help her feel the correct movement of the golf club turning over in the backswing and back past the impact zone. She can practice in the house during rainy or cold weather due to the short length of the shaft.

Stopped at the practice green to reinforce our putting technique

Talked about staying in the moment [present time] when practicing golf and not allowing other thoughts to be distracting.

Laurel said that tomorrow [Monday] she would practice putting, chipping and driving the ball.

Laurel also said she has a qualifier on Tuesday, rather than Thursday.

I will contact Dee to schedule another couple of practice sessions for this coming week...probably Wednesday and Friday depending on weather.


I'm adding more information about squaring the club face.

The flaw in Laurel's swing is called a push-slice [ball hit to the right and curves more to the right until it's off the fairway, in the rough or woods, or out of bounds.

There are several reasons why this can happen, however I have identified the specific reason for Laurel's push-slice and that is because she is not allowing her forearms to rotate through the swing, back and forward.

Laurel's club head is moving straight down the target line through the impact zone, however her club face is open at impact instead of square. This is because she is not allowing her forearms to roll over each other through the swing in both directions. In the L position in the backswing [when the club shaft is about waist high and parallel to the ground] the forearms should have completed the rotation so that the left hand is on top of the right hand. Conversely, when the club head swings back to the opposite side of her body, the L position in the forward swing, her forearms should have completed the rotation so that the right hand is on top of the left hand.

There are several drills to help correct this flaw.

  1. Practice with the house broom and follow the bristles as your forearms roll over each other in the back and forward position and square at impact. Because of the size of the broom it is much easier for her to see that she is not allowing her forearms to rotate. Exaggerate, if necessary, the forearm rotation and repeat over and over for at least 15 minutes a session several times a day.
  2. Practice with the weighted clubs I've loaned her for this purpose. She should perform 1/2 to 3/4 swing, but never full swings with these clubs. Practice with these clubs once or twice a day but not more than 10 minutes due to the heavier weight.
  3. Practice with the Impact Bag about 20 minutes a day. This is a great training device to get the feel of squaring the club at impact. The bag can take full swing hits, but it best to concentrate on squaring the club in shorter swing and pressing the club into the bag. Taking shorter swing will help prevent possible injury that could be incurred form repetitive hitting the impact bag.
  4. Tell Coach Carr that you are working on correcting your push-slice and that you are working on a variety of drills to cure it. He will be supportive and may even have a suggestion, as well.
  5. Please watch the video below. The instructor speaks specifically about slices and pushes. Technically, Laurel is hitting push-slices and most are low runners. The portion of the video where the instructor demonstrates correcting push-slices is about half way through. The first part of the video can be ignored as it doesn't specifically address Laurel's swing, however where he demonstrates the rotation of the forearms is worth watching to get a clear visual understanding of this rotation.