I am thrilled with the progress you made during our lesson!

I’ve reviewed your sequence videos and I am really impressed with your form throughout the swing. You are staying within your turf…standing your ground…instep to instep…and you are maintaining your upper body in absolutely the correct position at all times through the swing.

For this I’m very proud of you. Great work!

Please practice what we worked on today…as much as possible.

You are no longer swaying. You are keeping your legs connected and centered and your arms are also connected through the elbows…and most importantly—your right forearm moves into the correct vertical position at the top of your swing.

You are adapting to the hip shift toward the target line to initiate your downswing and this is easily seen in the video sequences posted here. And, Laurel, you are turning your swing into pure honey. Smooth, fluid and sweet. Very nice.

You are developing a very compact and efficient swing and it’s beginning to remind of Gregg Norman’s—exactly where we want you to go. Continue to review Norman’s slow-motion swing.

Minimal movement, lots of speed and lots of power…with ease.

I really like this video of your swing. It demonstrates that you are moving on to the next level of instruction. But first, it's going to require a lot of practice for you to hit the ball with consistent impact with these advanced swing techniques. Study the videos below as we break down the swing mechanics. Practice, practice, practice. You can do it.

Here we have several Freeze Frames to examine your backswing. I would like to see your wrist hinge begin when your club is waist high and the shaft is parallel to the ground. And continue to hinge even more until you reach the top of your swing. During the downswing, I would like to see you hold off unhinging your wrist until just before impact. This will dramatically increase the club-head speed through the ball. It's the whipping action I alluded to during our practice session.

I've inserted a Freeze Frame on your downswing to demonstrate that your wrist is almost entirely unhinged when the club returns about  waist high. At this point in your downswing, I would like to see a deep wrist hinge so that the shaft is slanting upward toward the sky...saving its pent up power to be released at the very last moment before impact.

The Freeze Frame at the top of your swing demonstrates that your right arm becomes vertical and in a great position for your downswing. It is very important that you continue to pay close attention to maintaining that verticality at the top of your swing. From there, the bump-shift with your hip down-the-line will cause a slight drop in the right side of your shoulders and this helps bring your right arm down to your side, as well. This move is critical because it leads your club on an inside path to the ball.

I've isolated your move through the ball that demonstrates your proper head turn. This maintains your arc radius for better impact with the ball.


This is one of my favorite images. Why? Because it is totally a dream position, even for a top golfer. Overall, it has everything: athletic position, balance, obviously well grounded, no visible tension—almost seems relaxed. Very nice. But that's not it. Look at your right elbow position—PERFECTION! Look at your left wrist—PERFECTION! Your chin just snugged up to your left shoulder. Very proud to capture this image of a most outstanding piece of your swing.

I've isolated this portion of your swing so that you can see what a great position you are in at the top of your swing. Your upper body is inside your insteps...no swaying in the backswing!! For me, this is the first time I've observed you with such an efficient and compact backswing. Check your left wrist...so perfect! Flat, almost bowed. Solid grip, chin snugged to shoulder. Wonderful image for you to remember.

These images also show your hips and upper body shift to start your downswing. Going forward, we want to work on separating your hip bump-shift from the rest of your body. A very small adjustment that will make a bigger difference in your speed and power.

Really good looking swing sequence. My only suggestion is that we work on delaying the release of your wrist hinge. It appears to be mostly released when your downswing reaches waist level. At this point, it is more desirable to have the club inclined toward the sky. This will delay the club-head through the impact zone as you continue to turn your hips down-the-line. This is where you will generate a lot of power and speed at impact with the ball. It's that whipping motion we discussed during our session.

I am so happy with your new compact swing. You've got so much potential now. I understand the frustration you've been through getting to this point in your swing, but it'll all be worth it soon. Once you master this swing, we will move on to more advanced skills of working the ball...fades, draws, pitches, chips and so on. I'm very excited for you!