Your swing is looking better every time we meet for a lesson. I can tell that you're putting in the practice time and it's paying off. Your swing is an easy flowing work of art!

After trying all sorts of temporary fixes and various solutions we identified the reason that your clubface remains open at impact.

It's because your right forearm is not completing its rotation over the left forearm until after your swing has passed through the impact zone.

Your slow-motion video below has a freeze frame in it at impact that shows your left hand facing towards the camera instead of facing down your target line. This confirms what we discovered on the range today.

Following the discovery of the exact reason that your clubface remains open at impact, we discussed what you need to do to take control of your swing...with your mind.

The practice to correct the open clubface is to think about aggressively turning your right hand over your left hand. You can do this with a club and without a club clasping the hands together like you're holding a golf club and practice the swing technique.

Another thing that will help is preparing your impact bag with old rags until it is completely filled up. Then you can hit the impact bag in the same position that you would hit a golf ball. After you hit the impact bag, hold the clubhead against the impact for a count to 5. Do this at least 25-50 times per session.