Today, I provided Laurel with 5 different putters to choose from to replace her current putter. It's not that she couldn't putt with her current's just that there are better putters just like there are better drivers and irons.

After testing each one extensively she chose the one I customized for her...the Odyssey White Hot Putter. I cut 3 inches off its 36 inch shaft and added a 1.5 inch thick cushioned grip. I told her that I customized this putter only after she said the putter gave her more control than the others.

Also today, I showed Laurel 3 putting drills that can also be used as putting contests with other members of her HS golf team.

The three drills include the following:

CLOCK DRILL Place 6 to 8 balls in a circle about 3 feet from the cup and put all of them in less than a minute. If she misses one, she has to start completely over until all the balls are sunk in one stroke each and all in under a minute. This drill develops skill, feel and timing.

DISTANCE DRILL: Place 4 golf tees in the shape of a box that is 18 inches deep and wide starting at the cup and behind the cup. Then place 8 to 12 balls in a row at progressively increased distances from the cup. The first ball at about 4 to 5 feet from the cup, then progressively at additional 4 to 5 the same line. The idea to earn the lowest score possible with this drill in learning the amount of back and forward pendulum swing to reach the cup, or 18 inches past if the putt isn't holed out.

To keep tally on a point system, holing out equals -2 points, ball coming to rest within the box equals -1 point. Rolling past the box or to the side of the box is equals +1 point and putts that don't reach the cup because they are too short equal +2 points. Putts that stop even with the cup equal 0 points.

PAR 2 DRILL: This is a putting drill that can be played with competitors or alone. The idea is to putt from cup to cup, or pin to pin, whatever is set up on the green as targets. The goal to get your ball down in 2 strokes, or less. Par is 2 strokes, Birdie is 1 stroke, Bogie is 3 strokes, Double Bogie is 4 strokes. Best lowest score wins the round.