Today, Laurel learned and practiced a new drill—hitting the golf ball while on her knees.

The purpose of the drill is primarily to help square the club face at impact. This drill is a little difficult at first but becomes much easier with practice. From this position, Laurel should be able to hit her drives about 2/3 to 3/4 her usual driver distance.

Laurel missed a few at first, but with more drives began hitting the ball left, straight and once or twice to the right.

There are quite a few videos from the front and the side of her swing, some in regular motion, some in slow motion and some with a freeze frame. The purpose of the freeze frame is to isolate the moment of impact, or as close as the camera captures it.

This is a great drill for Laurel to help her square her club at impact and she promises to practice at home and on the range.

In studying Laurel’s swing, I really like almost every aspect of it. She has gotten much better at rotating her hip to begin the downswing and her hips are at least 45-degrees toward the target at impact…the perfect position…not too far, not too little, but just right.

However, I have noted one flaw that continues to plague her swing and we need to make every effort to correct it. This is why I’ve posted the first video isolating this flaw…it’s only part of her backswing and in super slow motion.

The flaw is that Laurel stops her body from pivoting around her spine short of the top of her swing. In order to complete the top of her swing…to get the club into the proper slot at the top…she then has to move her left arm upward and this pushes her upper body upward.

To correct this, we need to work on drills that will train her to complete the rotation of her upper body while keeping the club more in front of her body. Laurel has the flexibility to do this, but for some reason she is stopping the rotation too soon.

The rest of her swing looks great except pushing her drives and iron shots to the right. The new drills will help her arm rotation to square the club and hit straighter.