LAUREL - 3.9.20 Range Lesson

Today, we reached a turning point in Laurel's training. During her last lesson we proved that her swing path was correct and not contributing to her hitting pushes dead right. However, she drove almost every ball through the cardboard box when in fact the balls should not have touched the box.

This also proved that her hitting pushes was definitely because of an open club face.

But today, we isolated each movement of her swing until we found the exact cause, which frankly, I suspected for the past 3 months. I just couldn't be 100% positive until today.

First, I had Laurel perform standing horizontal club turns 180 degrees from side to side. In order for her to square the club face directly in front of her she had to artificially manipulate the club face to match what she thought was the correct position...this manipulation occurred somewhat abruptly just before reaching 90 degrees where the face should be squared.

I had her continue with this drill until she was able to rotate the club to the square position without manipulation just letting her arms to rollover naturally from her shoulders down to her wrists.

Second, I had her try one-handed drive drills to determine if one or both arms were restricting the natural rollover of her forearms. I thought it would be the right hand, but in fact she hit the ball straight off the tee with her right-hand swing.

We then switched to her left hand only swing and her ball went right each time. Voila! The left hand/arm was restricting the natural movement of her forearm rollover.

Once this was positively identified as the source of her pushes, we were able to eliminate them by using the left-hand swing as a drill to remove the restriction with a Tic Toc tempo in both the back and forward swing and only half to three-quarters swing. The purpose of the easy tempo is reinforcing her muscle memory while breaking the incorrect muscle memory restricting her forearm rotation.

Laurel was instructed to perform the Tic Toc one arm drill before hitting each teed ball. So, between each drive, she is to perform this drill for the coming week. No full swings until she is consistently and confidently hitting every drive perfectly pushes.

I believe solves the 3-month mystery of hitting pushes and we can move to the next level creating more speed and consistency.

In the three videos below, Laurel pulls the drive left.

In the second, she hits it straight down the target line....!!

In the third, she also hits it straight...however the ball's flight is not show in the face on position.

There is a mix of regular, slow motion and a freeze frame to isolate her practice drill one handed swings that she is to perform between each practice drive.