LAUREL 7.16.20 Lesson

Hi Laurel,

Good to see you today. I believe we made some progress during our lesson. Now find your missions below


Your FIRST MISSION is to hit the ball with a square clubface.

Start with a square clubface at set up and maintain the square clubface throughout your backswing and downswing, which means do not rotate your forearms.

Your SECOND MISSION is to increase club lag in the downswing, which means practice dragging the club through the impact zone with hands well ahead of your clubhead.

Your THIRD MISSION is to hit the ball on the center of your clubface, which means to not hit off the toe of your club.

Your FOURTH MISSION is to begin the takeaway with a big shoulder turn, or pivot, which means do not lift the club with your hands.

Your FIFTH AND FINAL MISSION is to stop overswinging, which means shortening your backswing to a ¾ position at the top.

Please practice your missions often.


Focusing within PRESENT TIME is a mental exercise. Choose a partner and sit with 2-3 of each other and stare into your partner’s eyes. Try not to blink. Do not look away. Look deep into the other person’s eyes as if they are the entrance to their soul. Continue for as long as possible. Try at least 3 times each session attempting to look deeper and deeper and longer and longer each time. This will help you focus in present time, which will help you focus on each and every golf swing. You mind must not wander and must not think about anything other than the golf shot. Visualize the exact shot you want to hit and do it.