LAUREL 7.21.20

Hi Laurel,

Hooray! A rainy day, but a great one.

Today, you conquered the backswing without forearm rotation which led to a square club face at impact. If I recall correctly, you only hit the ball to the right one time. You did hit left in the beginning of the lesson, but soon you began hitting the ball straight down your target line.

I purposely slowed your swing down so you could focus entirely on technique and to not be concerned about distance. You will observe this in your videos.

You will also observe that your left wrist is straight at the top of your backswing which is what we wanted to achieve.

The one and only caution I have for you is about your right leg—it appears to straighten too much during your backswing. Other than this, your swing looks great in the videos.

Hope you have a chance to practice without the rain.

See you this coming Tuesday.

Coach Glen


The above photos are posed shots to demonstrate your flat wrist at the top of your swing.