The video below could be your answer to squaring your club face at impact. Take a look. We will work on this during our next lesson.

Hi Laurel,

Your playing lesson yesterday, Jan 4, 2020, shows a lot of promise and confirms your golf potential as a top high school golfer. I look forward to working on getting your club face to square in the impact zone during the coming weeks. This is our primary goal to help you reach your current potential for the upcoming Winter/Spring Crosby tournaments.

The video of you below demonstrates how compact and efficient your swing has become. There are two flaws that can be identified from the vid.

First and foremost, the club is not squaring through the impact zone. This is the only thing currently locking you out of hitting the ball the way we all know you can. Our playing lesson started out with you consistently hitting the ball to the right. We made a number of adjustment in your stance and ended up with a close stance and this helped you to hit the ball much straighter on the Back 9. However this was just a temporary fix. What we will be working on during our next lesson is getting the club face square at ball impact.

Second, the vid reveals that you are raising up on your back swing. This move does take you out of your natural swing arc the consequences of which is inconsistency and the reason for hitting the ball fat or missing it altogether. We will work on keeping your body down in the backswing during our next lesson.


The clip below shows your clubface open in the impact zone. You can see the lighter shade of gray in the impact position. Here we should see only the top of your club head with no gray showing.