Prior to our lesson today I gave you my review of your video swing from our Sunday playing lesson...this is it again...


Reviewed video from Sunday’s playing lesson showing you raising your upper body up near the top of your backswing. To correct this, I demonstrated how the a longer shoulder pivot around your spine will help overcome this tendency to raise up. The raising up is likely due to your mind saying to, “To get this club up higher I have to raise up my upper body.” Of course, this is counterproductive because it takes you out of a pure pivot around your spine and changes the radius of your backswing arc. In addition, you raised slightly up near the bottom of your swing near the impact zone. This is a double raising of your upper body…and this is the reason you mishit shots such as when your club hits well behind the teed ball, or you miss above the ball.

For consistent impact, you should maintain your athletic posture throughout the swing without raising up…just pivot around your spine with your shoulders on the backswing and hip-bump and hip-turn to initiate your downswing.

Also, your video reveals that you are not storing enough energy in your downswing to provide you with a high speed club head through the impact zone. As I demonstrated and we discussed, please practice storing this swing energy by maintaining your maximum wrist cock on the downswing until you are force to release your wrist cock through the impact zone. One way to check how you’re doing is to watch your downswing in slow motion. If you see that your club is horizontal, or below horizontal when your hands are waist high, then all the power that was stored is released way to early prior to entering the impact zone. The club shaft should be pointing up toward the sky when your hands reach waist high…not horizontal to the ground.

By the end or our session today, you minimized and in some swings eliminated the raising up at the top of your swing. Great job. 5-Star Performance on that.

We need to continue to work on storing the power in your downswing, but there was definite improvement...we just need to keep improving on the next few lessons...that will come mostly from your practice in between lessons.

We need to also work on your transition at the top...that move with your hip bum down the target line to initiate you downswing. The transition is too short in time...we need to delay a fraction longer to get your hip bump leading the swing rather than following the downswing with your arms...I know you understand this...just need to work on that drill I demonstrated where with or without a club you practice the hip pivot on backswing and hip bump to start downswing.

In this vid, we omitted bending your knees...

Watch your eyes following your backswing...

The very next swing we found your knee bend...much better.

In this super slow motion vid, you can see that your eyes/head are following your backswing all the way to the top of your swing and you move it back facing the ball then just as you start your downswing...we need to eliminate this head movement...I'll think of something that will remind us to not follow the club head.

This vid contains several freeze frames to show the club shaft position at different locations in your downswing. Recall that we want to keep the club shaft pointing upward toward the sky as long as possible...with the wrist cock...we have some room for improvement, but we got part way there today...good job.

This vid isolates your transition at the top. We need to add a fraction of hesitation at the top to give you enough time to make your hip bump to initiate the downswing. Please practice the drill I demonstrated as if you're practicing a critical dance move. Do this repetitively every chance you can...over and will take a lot of hard practice to perfect this move. Please exaggerate this move as much as possible... throwing your hip into it...remember the car crashing that.