LANCE — 2.21.20 Lesson

Today, Lance worked on several elements of his modified golf swing:

At address, finding the proper distance of the club-head to the ball, squaring the club face to the alignment rod [aligned to the target], setting the club-head behind the ball while the club handle is forward of the ball, nose directly behind the ball...about the same as the club-head and mirroring the slight reverse-K position with the left shoulder up and the right one lower due to hand placement on the club handle.

The Takeaway in a one-piece move starting with dropping the left shoulder under the chin while the arms are "allowed" to extend the club-head along  line parallel to the alignment rod, while resisting the left knee dip inward and instead allow the left knee to torque toward the right knee.

Reaching the Top of the Swing with the club shaft parallel to the ground and not swing beyond horizontal.

Attempting to initiate the downswing before the club reaches the top of the backswing. This requires a hip turn back toward the target before the club pauses at the top—not easy to learn, but a must in order to develop an accurate, powerful and repeatable golf swing. This is an advanced move and will take time to learn and groove.

There are two Clay Ballard videos that will help illustrate the weight shift and hip turn. Ballard demonstrates these critical moves and provides several drills to commit them to muscle memory.

Lance's videos were taken while he was making pitch shots to a 55-yard flag pole. Initially, his shots were consistently landing right of the target. From behind Lance I saw that his ball started straight to the target but faded right every time. He squared the club face by turning it in about 2 degrees, or so and the ball flight was straight to the target with no fade to the right.