LANCE — 2.28.20 Lesson

Today, Lance is making good progress on his modified golf swing:

Best improvement is in the overswing. Most of it is gone now. There is still a slight too much elbow bending at the top of the swing, but much better than before.

The Takeaway looks good and mostly starts back with shoulder movement.

Lance is initiating the downswing simulataneously with a shift toward the target and pulling down from the top. Best if we can eliminate any pull down that is not initiated with the right shoulder drop.

Additionally, while Lance shifts left toward the target line he does not clear his hips before impact with the ball. This is a potential area of improvement if it becomes clear that this is limiting his distance or direction. Not sure that it is at this point.

Practice should include drills that will help keep the left elbow straight at the top of the swing.

The videos below are in regular motion, slow-motion and freeze frames. The freezed frames are primarily to show positions at the top.