LANCE – 3.13.20

Lance is making good progress reigning in his overswing, which is primarily the result of bending his left elbow at the top of his swing. While he has improved in this area, more improvement is needed to get his club shaft horizonal or short of horizontal and this is the number priority for his practice until we meet again in a couple of weeks.

Other areas to be noted for improvement include the following in order of importance:

  1. Squaring the clubface at impact: Lance’s dispersion accuracy is inconsistent while he in the middle of a significant swing change. The clubface may be open or closed as much as 5 or 6 degrees causing off the target line shots. This will improve with practice.
  2. Alignment of body to the target line: Lance can have his clubface aimed at the target without his setup at address aimed away from the target. We worked on this with his pitches to 107 yards using his club laid at his feet to demonstrate this misalignment. With the proper alignment to the target he was landing within a few feet of the target.
  3. Lead the takeaway with left shoulder: Lance’s tends to start the takeaway with his hands [subtly] and his left elbow moves out away from his body as a result. Lance needs to start with the left shoulder dropping under his head while his upper arm remains in close contact with his chest. During takeaway, the clubhead needs to track back from the impact zone before turning inside to the top of the swing. This keeps his swing arc in front of him longer, sets his clubhead in the correct slot at the top, and on plane coming back down to the impact zone.
  4. Interestingly, Lance starts his downswing with a shift toward the target, however his hips downturn and clear until after ball impact as noted in the videos. The speed of swing lifts his heels off the ground at impact assisted by straightening his legs. I’m uncertain if this needs to change. If he squares the clubface properly and is set up properly, getting the pelvis turning sooner may not be necessary and I think it will be a challenge to correct because it is locked in with muscle memory. If he doesn’t have to turn his hips sooner to achieve his desired objectives, we may want to leave it as is.

The videos below are in regular, slowmotion and freeze frame—a temporary hold to point out flaws or other interesting points of reference.