Hi Matthew,

We worked on a lot of elements today including a routine to set up to the ball in the same manner each and every time. Please do it every time you practice golf.

The other most important thing we worked on is the shoulder pivot in the backswing. You still have a tendency to move your upper body back like you’re about hit a baseball with your bat.

This doesn’t work in golf because it moves you away from the golf ball. This moves the arc center of your club, and the low point of the arc moves backwards with your upper body. You are frequently hitting behind the ball as a result.

I know you watch the tournament that Tiger and his son Charles played in and I hope you could see how they keep their upper body and their head over the ball. They are just pivoting their shoulders around their spine and that’s all you need to do, too.

I think it will help if you just stand up and pivot around your spine over and over, without a club, for 15 minutes at a time. Take a break and do another 15 minutes. And so on as much as you can.

Also, it was wonderful to see you play the piano…you have great poise at the bench and your music was so beautiful…it sounded flawless. This is the way I want to see you develop as a golfer. 

Coach Glen


This is your grip at the top of your swing before we adjusted it.

This is a baseball grip and not the best for golf.

We're working on adjusting your grip to being an overlapping grip with the hands snugged together.

Practice the overlapping grip with a grip pressure of about 4 out of 10.