MATTHEW 1.2.21

I’m very happy with your progress.

You’re developing a solid swing, but there’s more to accomplish.

As a recap, we worked on your set up to address the ball.

  1. Wider Stance
  2. Reviewed your grip…firm, but soft [2 on a 1-10 scale]
  3. Staying connected with your arms…this is the towels under your arms drill. You passed with flying colors.
  4. Be sure that your muscles are relaxed so that you can swing faster. Tight muscles make slow swings.
  5. For the best and most consistent hitting of the ball, maintain your swing arc with fully extended arms.
  6. The Flying Elbow flaw is improving.

Your videos have freeze frames that show you’re building lag with your downswing. Continue to work on this.Practice smart and as much as you can.

Review your videos below.

See you next Saturday.

Coach Glen