MATTHEW 1.8.21

Good progress continues.

Covered and reviewed many swing techniques and posture at addressing the ball.

As a recap, we worked on your set up to address the ball.

  1. Wider Stance
  2. Reviewed your grip…firm, but soft [2 on a 1-10 scale]
  3. Alignment is still somewhat of an issue.
  4. Do the pre-shot routine every time you address the ball.
  5. Staying connected with your arms…this is the towels under your arms drill.
  6. Be sure that your muscles are relaxed so that you can swing faster. Tight muscles make slow swings.
  7. For the best and most consistent hitting of the ball, maintain your swing arc with fully extended arms.
  8. The Flying Elbow flaw is improving.

Your swing arc is improving and become more stable throughout your swing.

Review your videos below and practice the techniques we are working on.

See you next Sunday.

Coach Glen


Photo shows two flaws:

  1. Baseball Grip
  2. Extreme flexion of the left wrist

Video shows that you aren't providing enough shoulder pivot...reaching more across your chest instead. This is causing a change in the bottom of your swing arc. You hit about 16 inches behind the ball.

Please try to takeaway the club with shoulders only through at least belt high.

Better contact with the ball.

Excellent swing. No swaying, staying centered over the ball, much better contact.

Nice contact with the ball, however there is too much upper body sway in this swing.

Excellent contact.