This is Matthew’s first day to swing a golf club and he adapted very well. Of course, he has a lot to learn but he shows excellent physical skills for a first timer.

We focused on Matthew’s setup to the ball with the proper grip position of both hands. We worked on taking the club back with a big shoulder pivot and to start the downswing from his right foot while pushing off it to move his lower body toward the target in order to shift his weight back in that direction.

The primary flaws are flying right elbow where the right arm moves away from Matthew’s body in the backswing and gets stuck behind him at the top of the swing. It will take some time to correct this, but once he does, he will be able to hit the ball with much improved impact.

Matthew hit with the 9-iron and with his driver and there are videos of both, plus photos of his grip.

I also demonstrated my putting technique to Matthew, and we will work on this more in future lessons.

All good for now.

Coach Glen