MATTHEW 10.18.20


Hi Matthew,

You demonstrated a big improvement during this lesson over your first one. You are handling the club with more confidence and your swing is vastly improved, too.

The big differences during this lesson was:

  1. Staying more centered over the ball, especially your head
  2. Your grip has improved…good job here, too.
  3. Your overall swing is much better…just compare these videos to your first ones.
  4. Great improvement in your arm extension and not bending your left elbow as much.

Areas that need most improvement are:

  1. Your right hand is lifting the club during your backswing…it should not lift the club at all.
  2. Learn to hit down on the ball with your iron clubs

Overall, you’re really picking up the swing quickly.

Next time, we’ll have you hit the driver again.

Study the videos. You’ll see how much better you are swinging the club compared to your first videos.

Coach Glen