MATTHEW 10.25.20

Hi Matthew,

You absorbed a lot of mental and physical golf instruction today…good job.

Today we focused mostly on pivoting.

Pivot with your shoulders in the backswing. [no lifting with hands and arms]

Pivot with your hips in the downswing. [leading with hips by pushing off with right foot]

We also worked on standing taller when you set up to the ball by reducing the amount of angle between your arms and the club shaft. As mentioned, I would like for you to stand taller and closer to the ball.

These are the only things you should practice for the next week.

You can practice your pivots without a club until they feel natural.

Practice this about 5-times during each day. Early morning, mid-morning, lunchtime, afternoon and before bedtime. You don’t need a club to practice…just pivot your shoulders and your hips.

I suggest you do them in sets: shoulder pivot to the top, then hip pivot down through the imaginary ball.

Practice at a range once or twice this next week, if possible.

Your swing videos:

My analysis—

  1. Your shoulder pivot looks excellent in takeaway [beginning of backswing to waist high]
  2. The top of your swing needs to be extended up higher
  3. Mostly good push with right foot to shift and pivot hips
  4. Halfway in your downswing your arms reach too far from your body trying to reach the ball with your clubface. This is why I would like for you to stand taller, with less angle between your arms and the club shaft.
  5. Your finish looks great.

Overall, correct start to the backswing and correct start to downswing. Need to work on the following:

  1. Posture at address [set up to the ball] needs to be more upright.
  2. Reduce the angle between your arms and the club shaft so they are straighter.
  3. Keep your arms closer to your body [chest] during the downswing.
  4. Keep arms fully extended after you hit the ball [impact]. In the videos you can see that your left arm is bending at the elbow when it needs to remain extended until the finish.

See you next Sunday.

Coach Glen