MATTHEW 11.22.20 — Sunday 1pm

Hi Matthew,

Excellent lesson today.

We continued to work on your set up, which now looks excellent from both angles…side view and front view. I took photos so you can see and remember this set up. The only thing missing in the front view is leaning of the grip toward your target, but overall really excellent.

Other things we continued to work on included:

Proper Grip: Neutral, with glove logo pointing 45-degrees off your target line.

Leaning Shaft: Hands and grip ahead of the ball and clubhead behind the ball.

Pivot: Big improvement…you are 85% there…just need a little more shoulder pivot at takeaway.

Top of Swing: This is area that needs more practice. You’re stopping the backswing too soon and your arms and club are too far behind you. We need to get your arms and club up sooner in the backswing so that the top of your backswing is more vertical over your head and not behind your body.

You are making much better contact with the ball.

Practice pivoting your shoulder at takeaway and try to get the clubhead and arms more vertical.

We can work on this next time, as well.

The videos are here for you to study…pay particular interest at the top of your backswing. Several freeze frames are included for this purpose.

Coach Glen