MATTHEW 11.8.20

Hi Matthew

I see that your golf swing is getting better because you are practicing in between lessons and you are adapting very well to swing corrections during our lessons.

Your set up [also called “address”] is just about right. Just remember to grip the club correctly with the left-hand glove logo pointing at a 45-degree angle from your target line, and that you keep your thumbs on the opposite side of the grip from your fingers.

You are definitely pivoting better, but you still have a fairly sizable sway during the backswing.

Watch the videos and see how much your swing has improved. Mostly just need to eliminate the sway and pivot your shoulders more.

Practice pivoting your shoulders in front of a mirror so you can watch while performing the pivot.

See you Sunday!

Coach Glen



Select an object in the background behind you [tree, car, etc] to see how far you move away from the set up during the backswing.