MATTHEW 12.27.20

Matthew’s pivot is much improved. Show’s he’s understanding and working on the proper technique of swinging his irons. However, he continues to sway his upper body during the backswing with the driver. It’s probably a mindset. Thinking that he has to swing harder with the driver than with his iron shots.

We made several more adjustments today. These adjustments cause his swing to feel awkward until he practices enough that they become second nature. To understand what this feels like to Matthew, just imagine doing something with your left hand or arm if you are right-handed. Every adjustment will feel this way to him until he gets the adjustment  into muscle memlry.

The following adjustments were made.

GRIP: Matthew has been using the baseball style grip. This is where the hands do not overlap. Some golfers can be successful with this grip, but it generally leads to more inconsistency in squaring the club face at impact.

I’ve encouraged Matthew to switch to the overlapping golf grip, but he seems to be using the baseball grip when we first start our lessons.

STANCE: I’m trying to reinforce a wider than shoulders stance. Matthew’s tendency is to have a more-narrow stance, and this can be more unstable for him.

FLYING ELBOW [aka, chicken wing]: This is something that we’ve worked on some but not enough yet, however it something that needs to be corrected ASAP now that he has progressed in other areas of the swing.

The best way to describe this is that during the backswing his right elbow moves away from his left elbow and points away behind his body with the right arm being somewhat parallel to the ground. Instead, Matthew should try to keep his elbows closer together and this leads to the right elbow pointing straight down to the ground at the top of his backswing.

If you watch the videos, you’ll see what I mean. Several slow-motion video versionsn have freeze frames at this point so you can see this visually. I’ll work with Matthew on this more next time.

SUMMARY: Matthew is doing really well with his iron shots in terms of correct technique. He needs to work on the pivot for his driver, so he doesn’t have the upper body sway. The Flying Elbow we’ll work on during the next lesson.