MATTHEW 12.6.20

Hi Matthew,

Congratulations again on your new set of golf clubs. It’s a great set and will serve you well for quite a while.

Your drives were really exceptional. Not everyone of them, but many of them…and I am very impressed with the launch angle and the distance of your drives

Your driving skill is fairly advanced for this early in your lessons, so it means you are putting in some good practice between lessons.

Now we need to get the rest of your clubs up to your driver’s level.

Here is a suggested practice time for each club.

15 minutes: Driver

15 minutes: 7-Iron

15 minutes: Pitching Wedge

15 minutes: Putting

This way you learn the different parts of the game so that you actually play golf pretty soon. There is a PGA Junior program that would be really good for you beginning next year and I will discuss it with your parents.

Review of the videos. Only your driver and from two angles.

The side and frontal views are in regular and slow motion.

Everything looks good on the side view, but on the frontal view you swayed on the backswing.

Continue to work on keeping your head over the ball. Despite the sway, you hit the drive really well.

Still, we need to eliminate the swaying.

We also worked for the first time on chipping with an 8-iron. Now that you know how to align the bottom of the clubface to the pin, be sure to practice chipping to different distances with this club.

That’s it for now.

Enjoy your practice!

Coach Glen