Hi Michelle,

I’m proud of your progress.

These videos reveal that you have either been practicing since our first lesson, or you’re just a quick learner…maybe both.

I have reposted your three videos from the first lesson at the bottom of this page. Please watch each video in the order displayed because it is the order in which they were taken. 

You will notice a vast improvement from the last video from today’s lesson and the 3 videos from the previous lesson.

For now, please continue with your practice drills:

  1. Shoulder pivot for the takeaway and backswing
  2. Hip push and pivot to initiate and continue the downswing

Just these two things. Lots of repetitions.

Plus, remember these positions:

  1. Head more up than down so it aligns better with your spine angle… just enough to see the ball.
  2. Keep your eyes focused on the ball so that the distance between your eyes and the ball does not change during the swing.

Finally, notice how you have eliminated these flaws:

  1. Deep knee bend away from your body
  2. Straightening of your right knee and leg in the backswing
  3. Standing up in the backswing
  4. Pushing your iron shots to the right

Great job, Michelle!

Coach Glen