It was good to see you at the range again.

Today’s lesson focused on swinging the golf club with your shoulders in the backswing and sliding and then pivoting in the downswing, and on completing your weight shift to the back and then to the forward leg.

We also focused on swing tempo to take the “hit” out of the downswing.

Video Analysis:

Weight shift: Complete

Big improvement in shifting your weight to the back leg and then forward.

Shoulder pivot: incomplete.

The issue is your arms begin reaching across your chest to complete your backswing at about ¾ shoulder pivot.

We want a full pivot so that your shoulders continue to lead the club up to the top rather than your hands and arms.

Downswing: In progress

There is a marked improvement in initiating your downswing with your hip slide/pivot, however I note that your upper body begins to drop down toward the ground too much.

Ideally, we want to minimize the body drop because this can throw your swing arc out of its slot resulting in hitting behind the ball.

Tempo: Good work

Continue to practice swinging the club back and forth in a pendulum motion so that you don’t feel you’re attacking the ball in the downswing.

The feeling we want is that you’re just swinging the club and the ball happens to be in your way.

Enjoy the videos.