Hi Michelle,

Big steps today!

You now have a complete swing sequence. I like that you finished swing with an improved position in these videos. The videos are in the same time sequence that I recorded them.

You have improved a lot with keeping your right heel down in the backswing...almost complete...another week, or two. But it is something to continue to monitor over time since it is engrained into your muscle memory.

I recommend that you practice full arm extension throughout your swing. From time to time, stop at the top to check if your right elbow points to the ground and not back away from your body...this is to keep your elbows connected so there are swinging together.

Also, check at the top to be sure your left arm is fully extended with no more than the slightest bend at the elbow.

Reach high in your back swing with a big shoulder turn and your back facing the target.

When you don't attack the ball from the top, you execute the correct move with your hip first— slide / pivot. The attack is usually led with your hands, arms, and shoulders and therefore you sometimes push the ball right—so avoid this move.

Keep your arms fully extended at impact and maintain that extension beyond impact. Recall that you had been pulling the club up with your left arm prior to this lesson, but you got the full extension and nice arm rotation after I brought it to your attention. Quick learner!

With your irons you want to impact the ball at the back/top...7-o'clock position with 6 and 12 being your target line. I didn't point this out like a clock, but I pointed to the area on the back of the ball—7. Also, with your irons you want the ball placement near the center of your stance, which is about the width of your shoulders.

With your woods you want to sweep the ball off the tee like you're using a broom. The teed ball placement is mostly near the instep of your lead foot [left].

You have a good finish now and you should practice holding the pose for at least 5 seconds until you are balanced and confident with it. 

After that, let the club down with your left hand and arm to the ground as if it were a sword sliding into your sheath. Later you can practice other ways to bring the club down, but this will look good for the moment.

Other minor points included keeping your eyes and head level with your setup position and to not raise up during the backswing.

I think this is enough information for now. Try to spend as much time as possible on the full extension of your arms throughout your swing.