Hi Michelle,

We worked on all parts of your full swing mechanics and short game pitching.

Lots of good things happening with your swing.

  1. Not lifting left heel and allowing your knee to roll in rather than push away
  2. Not attacking the ball, but focusing on your swing techniques instead
  3. Better extension throughout your swing

The areas to continue focusing on:

  1. Fuller extension of arms throughout the swing…just a little more
  2. Allow your left forearm bones to rotate during the takeaway
  3. Keep grip supple/firm at the top of your swing so wrists don’t collapse to prevent club from falling into your shoulders
  4. Maintain the same distance between you eye level and the ball during the backswing

In addition to regular practice, also work with the basket drill—The basket or ball rotation for a natural feeling of the golf swing.

I realize you are back to work fulltime now, so whatever works for you going forward. I’m flexible.