Good to meet you. You gave me a productive idea today—Assignment Sheets!

I'll bring them to the range here forward.


I like that you understood instructions and did your best to correct basic swing flaws that many newer golfers have learned. 

Part of your challenge will be to unlearn some of these flaws and replace them with correct swing techniques.

The top 4 flaws are:

  1. Leading takeaway with your hands [super common]
  2. Bending left knee out away from you [common]
  3. Initiating downswing with hands [super common]
  4. Not shifting your body weight to back and then forward [somewhat common].

The corrections for these swing flaws include:

  1. Lead takeaway with shoulders [you cannot overdo the shoulder pivot]
  2. Allow left knee to move inside toward the right knee [not out away from you]
  3. Initiate downswing with hip shift & pivot
  4. Allow your body weight to shift to the back by letting your hip move against an invisible wall...like I demonstrated with the pocket on your shorts. You can use the doorway technique I described at home.

Practice the takeaway-shoulder-pivot and the hip-shift-pivot downswing in front of a mirror.

If possible, hit balls into your net at home. Ask Dwight to watch and point out things if he's amenable to do that. Tell him what to look for.

Next scheduled session: Thurs 7/14 @ 10am.

My number is 281.703.8035 in case you need to reach me, or make a change.

Please confirm the day before, if possible.




The setup looks good. Could have more shoulder pivot...you can't over pivot your shoulders so go for it.

Your weight could shift more to the back...notice that the right side hip doesn't push completely against the imaginary wall.

Your head is staying down good throughout the swing...not raising up! That's good.


Would like a little more extension in your arms.

Looks like you initiated your downswing with your hip shift and you continued to pivot forward.



Excellent stance...hands and arms slightly reaching forward. Good spine angle and head position looks spot on.

Takeaway appears initiated with your shoulders and you've kept the club on the target line and in front of you.


Your right elbow is correctly pointing to the ground...lots of golfers struggle with this.

The downswing looks correct and you have good lag in the clubhead.


The last frame demonstrates good extension through the ball.

I didn't have the final frame...missed it.

As I recall, your finish always looked correct.

This is one of your practice swings. 

Mostly, it a little awkward looking because your are trying to check everything. This will smooth out as you gain confidence in your swing.

This an actual shot after the above practice swing and it is smoother. The main component to see here is the lack of weight shift towards the back because the angle of your back leg won't allow it.

In this video it is easy to see the lack of weight shift to your back leg. When you are at the top of your swing your position is called a Reverse Pivot. 

The main issue is the lack of power in shifting your weight forward because it mostly didn't move back enough

Let your hip hit the imaginary wall to get a full shifting of your weight.