Mike 8/6/22 – 30 minutes

You are correct when you say you’re learning the importance of the correct sequence.

In simple terms: shoulders back, hips forward.

Today, we worked on overall swing mechanics focusing on:

  1. Leading with left shoulder…no independent actors or free lancers.
  2. All muscles and bones follow the leaders: Shoulders back; hips downward and forward
  3. Shoulders leading the way during backswing…and all body parts follow
  4. Hips lead downswing and everyone follows the inside move to your target line
  5. The target line runs in both directions, to the front and to the rear
  6. Follow your target line in the takeaway and the through swing
  7. Keep the club in front of you to prevent taking the club back inside too soon
  8. During the downswing—lag or drag the club into the ball. Same position as set up.

I’m flexible time-wise so let me know when you would like to meet for another session.