Mike — Thursday 3pm, August 4, 2022

Noted Flaws

  1. Lead foot, heel lift — Let lead foot rollover toward right-side instep
  2. Straightening of right leg — Maintain knee angle throughout swing
  3. Right elbow away from body — Point right elbow down to ground [think keep elbows together]
  4. Loop swing, rerouting the club — Work towards a single plane swing
  5. Over the top/across target line — Correct by taking club back on target line instead of inside too soon. Lead with hip shift/pivot to drop shoulders, right elbow down.
  6. Lack of extension in both directions — Fully extend arms and hands throughout swing
  7. Pulls up with left arm through impact — Again, full extension allowing the club to rollover in finish
  8. Weight forward on toes — Keep weight balanced between heels and toes, favoring heal over toes
  9. Left arm not in alignment with club shaft at set up — Think of the club and left arm as a one-piece lever
  10. Body and feet out of alignment to target — Use an alignment rod to practice lining up to the target
  11. Has not utilized spot targeting for alignment — Use spot targeting for alignment
  12. Ball location at setup needs improving — For irons ball goes in the middle of stance, and for driver the teed ball aligns to the left foot instep