References for Coach Glen - Spring 2022

Chris Odle at Texas A&M

Glen has been very instrumental in my son’s success. Over the past three years he has not only been Chris’s golf coach but also more of a mentor. He has consistently improved my son’s game both mentally and physically. Due to his dedication, I believe Coach Glen is a huge part of my son’s full ride scholarship to play golf in college.         —Jason Pangarakis


Matthew Randle at Edwin Watts in March 2022

Glen Bowen taught my son Matthew golf for a little over a year before his move to Central Texas. Matthew’s golf skill and knowledge of the game developed tremendously fast. Glen is passionate when it comes to golf and his students. Our lessons were for an hour but most times they were well over the allotted time.

Unlike most instructors today his love for his students is more important than money. In the months since his move, I’ve struggled to find anyone that comes close to him. Glen still works with my son when needed over the phone. That’s how much he cares for his students. Matthew continues to get attention and compliments when he practices. I am very proud to say he had the best coach ever!

The manager at Edwin Watts couldn’t believe Matt only played for a little over a year. He complimented his speed, posture, and technique. He hit 254 yards with his new driver. He asked Matt where he takes lessons. Matt spoke highly of Coach Glen and told the manager he really misses him. Those kind of impressions on a young life are priceless. My husband and I appreciate Coach Glen’s investment in our son.       —Tina Randle


Laurel Repka

Coach Glen Bowen was our daughter’s private golf coach for three years. During this time, he transformed Laurel into an excellent golfer even though she had never played before. Laurel decided to play golf her sophomore year and made varsity during her junior year. She received a lot of scholarship offers during her senior year and committed to play golf at MidAmerica Nazarene University in Kansas beginning September 2022. Laurel chose this school because the coach reminded her of Coach Glen for his energy and caring. Coach Glen is an excellent communicator, and he has a great ethic that works well with anyone, especially youth who want to learn to play golf or become a competitive golfer.  —Dee Repka